Elegant status pages

Communicate the status of your services to your customers and post status updates to keep them informed. Or let AI do the work for you.

Create elegant status pages in minutes branded to your company.

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Tons of features

And we're still adding more features without compromising on ease of use.

Lots of customisation

You can customise your status page to your liking. Change the colours, add your own logo and more.

Custom domains

You can use your own domain for your status page, set up in a few clicks. SSL is included.

Privacy focused

Our service is focused on privacy and security. We don't store any personal data and we don't use cookies.


Your customers can subscribe to your status page to receive updates via email and more.

Post mortems

Write post mortems to document the incident and share insights with your team and customers.

Updates by AI

Let AI do the work for you. Spectate can automatically create updates for you based on your monitoring data.

We're spectating companies of all sizes.

Software and DevOps engineers from small startups to large enterprises trust in Spectate.

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Don't just take our word for it

Hear what our customers have to say about Spectate.

I've been using spectate ever since the beginning and has never let me down, it's a stable and clear uptime monitoring tool that has a lot to offer, and with their open roadmap you get a really good idea of what features are coming ­čĺ¬

Dennis Smink
Dennis Smink
Founder, Ploi

Spectate is an amazing monitoring service that I have been using for a few months. Running multiple SaaS applications, I love that I can manage multiple beautiful branded status pages from one account. It also lets me set the location of the primary monitoring service, which is very unique. Spectate is a great tool for monitoring your own services, whether you're an indie hacker or a big software company. I highly recommend it.

Janyk Steenbeek
Janyk Steenbeek
Founder, Webmethod

With Spectate, I can leave my house with peace of mind, knowing that someone is watching over my servers. The status pages are fantastic and my clients are very pleased with them.

Sebastiaan Kloos
Sebastiaan Kloos
Founder, Learnkit

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