Updated on May 19, 2024
May 20, 2024

Stable infrastructure monitoring, new alerting, and much more

We are very excited to announce that infrastructure monitoring is now stable! Also, we're introducing new alerting & incident management, smart incident merging, customizable alerting, Telegram & Intercom integrations, and a brand new website & branding!

Plus, enjoy faster AI features (incident AI loads in 1-2 seconds!), improved infrastructure and a more efficient host & heartbeat ingest processing.

What's new?

  • Infrastructure monitoring is now stable!
  • Completely new and refactored alerting and incident management. (Separate announcement coming this week)
  • Added smart incident merging
  • Added incident resolve grace periods
  • Added customizable alerting and incidents for hosts
  • Added customizable routing for alerts based on severity
  • Added a Telegram integration for alerting
  • Added an Intercom integration for status pages
  • And of course: our brand new website and branding!


  • Drastically improved accuracy and speed of AI features, including the incident AI, status page AI and postmortem AI. Incident AI now loads in an average of 2 seconds!
  • Major improvements to our infrastructure, resulting in much faster load times.
  • Refactored the way we host and heartbeat ingest.
  • Render timezone in chart tooltips.
  • We now only show the most recent incidents for a monitor instead of all.
  • Updated status page design.

Other changes

  • Fixed incorrect timezone for dashboards, we now use the timezone set in teams.
  • Fixed formatting of a couple of less common cURL exceptions.