Updated on May 24, 2024
Spotlight week day 3: Improved alerting and incident management
May 23, 2024

Improved alerting and incident management

Welcome back to Spotlight Week day 3!

We're continuing Spotlight Week after yesterday's announcement of the general availability of our Infrastructure Monitoring. Today, we're excited to put our enhanced alerting and incident management in the spotlights!

Announcing our new and improved alerting and incident management platform

With this overhaul of alerting and incident management, we're again trying to make incident management as efficient and simple to use as possible.

We believe alerting is one of the most important aspects of monitoring, but often alerting is done badly: no context or information to act on, forcing the engineer to go stare at dashboards with too much irrelevant data. Spectate's alerts include everything you need, and they're only getting better every day.

Goodbye alert fatigue, hello intelligent alerting

We've completely rewritten our incident and alerting system from the ground up to give you more control and flexibility in your incident management workflow.

Routing alerts to integrations

We've replaced the previous notification channels with Integrations, which can be used to route alerts to specific channels based on the severity of incidents. This means you can fine-tune your alerting strategy to minimize noise caused by less severe incidents.

You can set up custom alert policies per monitor, host or domain to specify each incident's severity levels and integration. This granular control ensures that your team receives the right alerts at the right time.

Smart incident merging is here

Our smart incident merging feature merges incidents for the same monitor, providing a unified view of the issue. For example, if a medium-severity incident is created for degraded performance, and the monitor later detects a critical issue, the incidents are merged into a single, detailed timeline. This streamlined approach reduces incident clutter and makes it easier to manage complex issues.

An incident timeline with an example of incident merging.

No more noise with resolve grace periods

Our new resolve grace periods feature prevents alert fatigue and duplicate incidents. When a monitor starts flapping, Spectate waits for a specified grace period (e.g., 5 minutes) before resolving the incident. This ensures that you're only notified when the issue is truly resolved, reducing noise and increasing confidence in your incident management.

New integrations

We've added new integrations, including Telegram, to our integrations like voice, SMS, Slack, mail, and more. And don't worry - setup is still quick and easy so you can get started right away!

Available today

That's it for today's update! We're excited to hear your feedback and see how you use our enhanced alerting and incident management platform to take your incident response to the next level.

See you again tomorrow!