Updated on May 21, 2024
Spotlight week - day 1: Introducing a new look and website
May 21, 2024

Introducing Spectate's new look and website

Welcome to Spotlight week

We're excited to kick off our first-ever Spotlight Week, a week-long celebration of innovation and progress at Spectate! Each day, we'll be shining a spotlight on new features, updates, and announcements that showcase our commitment to making monitoring and incident management easier and more efficient.

Introducing Spectate's new look & website

To start off Spotlight Week, we're thrilled to unveil Spectate's fresh new branding, complete with a sleek new logo and a revamped website that showcases our fast, easy-to-use monitoring and incident management platform.

New look, same mission

Previously, you could only recognise Spectate from the wordmark "spectate" or the small "s". Well, that's not really something that would be recognisable enough not just us - but also you.

Starting today, you see our logo everywhere, even your Slack messages!

A screenshot showing a Slack message from Spectate.

We have chosen the colour yellow because it creates a sense of caution and alertness, just like you expect from monitoring. But it also is often associated with optimism, which allows us to make Spectate more appealing to use.

Our entire website has been redesigned and built from the ground up and we really hope you like it.

You'll see our new branding today across our website, documentation, integrations and soon with an updated UI for the app itself.

What's next?

This announcements is only just to warm you up - like an appetizer. Our coming announcements the rest of the week will be full of features and improvements to the Spectate platform.

Just keep an eye out on our X or this blog ;-).